I wanted to finish a project that I started in January, I finished my studies a month ago so I decided to finish it. I took 3 weeks to complete everything since. I used a 3D model of a statue that I found on the net and I create a passive geo under it. I texture the whole in substance painter. In terms of render times, here's is what I've accumulate with this project :

-The smoke cache : 146go for 110 frames, 12 hours of rendering
-RBD cache of the Statue : 3.49go for 110 frames, 2 nights of rendering (because of the displacement of inside pieces)
-Advected Particles from Fluid sim : 18mo for 110 frames, 4 hours of rendering

In terms of shading, I used the pyro shader and tweak it to get the result that I wanted for the smoke, for the particles I used a mantra surface, and for the Statue thanks to the groups that are created when you create a voronoi fracture system I used two shaders one for the inside pieces which I also apply a displacement from noise to it (via a mantra surface), and the other one for the outside pieces with again a mantra surface.